Crypto Currencies is the future.

Simple ways to join the crypto currencies. Create an account for your Wallet. Some blockchain offer free to create an account and some offer a minimal fee.

Create an Account (Wallet). It's FREE or minimal fee.

  • Create your HIVE Account. It’s FREE use this link.
  • Create your STEEM Account. It’s FREE use this link.
  • Create your BLURT Account. For minimal fee, use this link.
  • For BTC, ETC, LTC, XRP, EOS, etc. Use this link.
  • more to follow.

Swap Token to a Wallet

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Send/Receive with Wallet

Follow the step by step procedures to Send/Receive token.

  • Send/Receive using HIVE.
  • Send/Receive using STEEM
  • Send/Receive using BLURT
  • Send/Receive using WLS
  • Send/Receive using BTC
  • Send/Receive using ETH
  • more to follow.


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